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What is The Stay At Home Bookkeeper Academy?

The Stay At Home Bookkeeper Academy is a program that will walk you through the process of setting up and running your own bookkeeping business from home… or anywhere! You don’t need any previous experience or qualifications, just willingness to learn and a desire for entrepreneurship. We offer a variety of course options–whether you’re looking for a little help with marketing an existing business, an intensive 1:1 mentorship for building a business from the ground up, or anywhere in between. Imagine a flexible, lucrative career where you are the boss!

Meet Tiffani!

Tiffani Higgins is a CPA and mom of 5 and former bookkeeping business owner. After 4 years of experiencing all the amazing benefits that a virtual bookkeeping business provided to her family (unlimited vacation time, ability to travel, no need to budget, upgraded lifestyle, brand new car, house with a pool and tennis court, paying off debt, etc) she decided to launch the Stay-at-Home Bookkeeper Academy where she could teach other busy moms to follow in her footsteps and create their ideal lifestyle so they could have their cake and eat it too. This allowed families to build wealth while still getting to experience every one of their children’s milestones.
Weekly Tuesday Webinars
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Student Success Stories

Checkout these success stories from our current students. If they can do it, so can you!
Vanessa Butler
“In June I landed SIX clients and this month I have TWO more clients. We're in the middle of a pandemic and my business is doing great!”
Casey James
“I built a business that more than doubled, almost to the point of tripling, my full-time income...in my spare time.”

Kim Smith
"I quit my job, now I’m able to support myself with 7-8 times more money working 20 hrs a week.”

Student Wins

from The Bookkeeper Academy
We love to highlight our student's awesome achievements!

Here's how to get started!

Not sure where to start? Here's a simple outline of our program!
The Bookkeeping Course
Everything you need to know to start a home-based bookkeeping business with NO EXPERIENCE. 
We are here to help you spend less time working and more time with your children! Stop spending countless hours trying to make ends meet and start working anywhere with an internet connection!
The Bookkeeping Course™ includes
  • ​All About Bookkeeping Basics and Financial Statements
  • ​How to Become an Expert in Quickbooks Online
  • ​How to Work with Multiple Businesses
  • ​How to Set up Your Bookkeeping Business For Success
  • ​How to Provide Amazing Service To Your Client
  • ​How to Find Clients & How to Enjoy Being an Entrepreneur
The Bookkeeper Academy
Our exclusive Piece of Cake support group for around- the-clock help for students!! Learn valuable tips, help with finding clients, and get direct answers to your questions from an actual CPA. Join our community for friendly competitions starting now! Join now and get access to EVERY course we offer!
Included with enrollment
  • Everything In The Bookkeeping Course
  • ​12 months in our Secret Support Group
  • ​Weekly Zoom Calls with our team
  • ​One-on-one Help with First Client
  • ​Fully Customized Website
  •  On-boarding Program For Your Clients
  • ​Access to our Library of Resources
  • ​Quoting Tool to Price Clients with Style 
  • ​Payroll Basics Course
  • ​Financial Statements Reviewed for you per client
  • ​Sales Coachings to help you master the art of sales
Elite Mastermind
Take your bookkeeping or accounting practice to the next level with our 
24-Week Journey to TRANSFORM 
Your Bookkeeping Business into an 
"Ideal Life Machine." 
This mastermind is for bookkeepers who know that this business will change their lives in ways they haven't imagined yet. 
Included with enrollment
  • 8 Weeks Transforming into an Efficient and Productive Business Owner
  • ​4 Weeks Setting Your Business Up to Scale and Putting Your Marketing on Steroids
  • ​6 Weeks Learning to Become a CFO and 5x-10x Your Bookkeeping Fees
  • ​6 Weeks Learning to Prepare Tax Planning Reports and Tax Returns
  • ​BONUS Money Bootcamp to Learn How to Have a Million Dollar Business*

We're often asked if The Stay-at-Home Bookkeeper Academy is accredited.

Technically the answer is 'no,' but here's why. Accreditation is a form of credentialing that applies to schools. Accreditation addresses issues such as teacher:student ratios, number of computers in the media center, number of teachers holding advanced degrees, curriculum used, and so on. Because The Stay-at-Home Bookkeeper Academy is a live coaching program with DIY coursework and not a school, accreditation does not apply to us. However, the coursework and coaching services offered by The Stay-at-Home Bookkeeper Academy is used to change the lives, financially and overall quality of life, for all our students. You can rest assured that it is worth it's weight in gold.


Checkout Tiffani Higgins on her most recent podcast appearances, discussing various insights to her business success and the bookkeeper academy! Click the link below to listen!

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