Tiffani Higgins, CPA

Founder, CEO

Tiffani Higgins is a CPA and mom of 5 and former bookkeeping business owner. After 4 years of experiencing all the amazing benefits that a virtual bookkeeping business provided to her family (unlimited vacation time, ability to travel, no need to budget, upgraded lifestyle, brand new car, house with a pool and tennis court, paying off debt, etc) she decided to launch the Stay-at-Home Bookkeeper Academy where she could teach other busy moms to follow in her footsteps and create their ideal lifestyle so they could have their cake and eat it too. This allowed families to build wealth while still getting to experience every one of their children’s milestones.

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The Stay-At-Home Bookkeeper Academy Team

As a live coaching program, our mission is to provide the highest level service to our students enabling them to excel financially and spiritually all the while promoting adversity and growth through our various educational training, zoom calls and support system. Our team focuses solely on the students' needs to provide guidance and generate success as gracefully, efficiently and quickly as possible. 


Tiffani Higgins

Founder and CEO

Korrie Sowards

Executive Assistant

Megan Davis

Head of Student Success/Relations

Candace Eckardt

Head of Inner Circle Student Success

Tiffany Ware

Community Manager

Ricki Matcham

Customer Service Relations

Rebekah Traver

Tech/Website Design Specialist

Susannah Linnett

Logo Design Specialist

US Coaching Advisors

Casey James

Lead Bookkeeper Academy Coach

Kaylie Douglas

Bookkeeper Academy Coach

Vanessa Butler

Bookkeeper Academy Coach

Robin Angaiak

Bookkeeper Academy Coach

Kendall Creek

Bookkeeper Academy Coach

Jara Rader

Bookkeeper Academy Coach

Lauren Fowler

Bookkeeper Academy Coach

Katelynn Martin

Bookkeeper Academy Coach

Kristin Kirui

Bookkeeper Academy Coach

Bonnie Vatovec

Bookkeeper Academy Coach

Abbey Super

Bookkeeper Academy Coach

Chelsea Kanke

Bookkeeper Academy Coach

Maura Concannon Shockey

Bookkeeper Academy Coach

Coaches not pictured above: Kelsea Zongker, Anne Lindeman

International Coaching Advisors

Lisa Johnson

UK Academy Coach

Sales Advisors

Ilene Hirsch

Dream Advisor

Academy Consultants

Ashley Villa


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