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Tune in as Tiffani explains how she made possible her own remote bookkeeping business, the market for bookkeeping companies, what Bookkeeping has allowed her and her students' lives, the application of an entrepreneurial mindset, and so much more.

Is quitting a must to grow an entrepreneurial mindset?

Shifting to entrepreneurship when you're working as an employee takes a lot of things that need to be different. The first thing you look into when doing so is your mindset. When becoming an entrepreneur, accountability becomes—all of a sudden—your most loved/hated thing. That accountability holds you responsible for every decision made.

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Checkout Tiffani Higgins on her most recent podcast appearances, discussing various insights to her business success and the bookkeeper academy!

It was because of the freedom and flexibility that come from running her own business she was able to meet the needs that arose when growing the family having twins as well as homeschooling her children. Consider the lessons the children are learning as they witness her success in business. Amazing life lessons and insights that are hard to teach.

Hear what Tiffani and Roger discuss and how it relates to the daily challenges we all face as accounting entrepreneurs. For example, what are the common emotions individuals experience when starting a business? Trying to balance the good and bad to stay focused and passionate about the work is key to success.
In this podcast, wellness and leadership expert Natalie Peterson covers all things health, happiness, and business strategy for Moms who are growing their business while raising a family at the same time.

In this episode Tiffani shares:

The mindset you need to go from employee to entrepreneur. How to bring home more than the “Breadwinner”, while staying at home with your family. Secrets to gaining clients as an early entrepreneur. Her belief that as a working mother you can “have your cake and eat it too”. The life-changing opportunity she has created for women to start their own business from scratch.
Big Girl Pants Podcast is a podcast that highlights real people, living real life. It's not all the time that we get one on one conversations with our closest friends. BGP offers perspectives from all walks of life. Health, Fitness, Mental Health, Parenting, Entrepreneurship, and all the struggles in between. We are all people trying to figure it out - join me as I try, one conversation at at time!

Tiffani was a stay at home bookkeeper when she realized, not only could she do this and thrive, but she could teach others to do it as well!
Listen to this insightful Whinypaluza episode with Tiffani Higgins about gaining financial freedom working from home.

Here is what to expect on this week’s show:
How starting a business can be scary but can be so rewarding in many ways. How virtual events and in-person events are great ways to find clients. Why bookkeepers don’t need to sell their service because every business needs one. How building relationships is the best way to grow your business organically. And why having a three-day weekend can help parents reconnect with their family members.
Tiffani shares how she started her own accounting business and how that helped her have more freedom and flexibility in life. We also talk about the importance of setting boundaries when being self-employed and how challenging this can be.

On Life Done Differently, we talk about why they chose this path, how they made it happen, obstacles they had to overcome, things they learned along the way and much more.
Tiffani Higgins shares how she grew her business at home beyond her wildest dreams. She gives tangible advice on how you can do the same.

This podcast encourages women to be brazen and brave in their walk and relationship with God. I will share stories, offer encouragement, and provide a safe place to connect so we can learn and grow together!
Mompreneurship and Building a Thriving Business

Tiffani and Eric have a fun conversation discussing- entrepreneurship, bookkeeping, scaling her business, remote work, family travel tips, and much more! The Nomad on Fire Podcast is a show all about the Digital Nomad Lifestyle coupled with Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE). Follow these tips and tactics to design a life with more freedom, excitement, and greater joy. 
Scale your solopreneur practice to achieve true freedom as a CEO

How pricing your services based on high value will give you the ability to build a team that you can really rely on to carry your company forward and move you into the visionary seat so you can achieve true freedom and flexibility to live your ideal life. And why getting yourself setup to leverage an awesome team will be the most rewarding spot to be in with your accounting firm.
Dave and Tiffani discuss her journey from the initial business idea to making over 3.5 million in revenue in less than two years. Tiffani talks about how she structures her value ladder, from her free + shipping ebook to the "do-it-yourself" course to the flagship Stay-at-Home Bookkeeper Academy that walks clients step by step through the process of learning the needed skills and growing their businesses. She also reveals how she secured her ClickFunnels Dream Car Award and how she plans on furthering her business by fleshing out her elite mastermind program.
Tiffani Higgins is the founder of the Stay at Home Bookkeeper Academy and a mother of five amazing children. She started her career out as a CPA working 60 hours a week during tax season, feeling guilty for “choosing” her career over her family. Now, she works for herself for 10 hours a week, makes nearly the same pay with no more long days, no stress, and, most importantly, she gets to spend valuable time with her sweet family. She started the Stay at Home Bookkeeper Academy to teach thousands how to make money while pursuing the freedom in life they desire, whether working from home or on the road in an RV.
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