Over 20 features included with

The Bookkeeper Academy

Step-by-step guide to launch a side hustle that provides full time pay.

Feature 1

12 Full Months of Support

In The Piece of Cake private Facebook group

Feature 2

Free lifetime access to

The Bookkeeping Course bundle, Payroll Basics for Bookkeepers, Quoting Tool and more!

Feature 3

12 month access to

 The Library of Resources

Feature 4

Unlimited private 1:1 calls

when you land your first client!

Feature 5

Weekly Mindset calls

that cover goal setting, mental roadblocks, and empowering life changing books suggested by our team.

Feature 6

Weekly Marketing calls

to guide you through all the cheap or free ways to find new clients.

Feature 7

Bi-weekly Sales training

so you know exactly how to talk to potentials and land clients in a way that feels great to you.

Feature 8

3 office hour zoom calls

with open Q&A to get all your bookkeeping questions answered!

Feature 9

Weekly Bookkeeping Basics & QBO Training

to get all your Quickbooks Online questions answered!

Feature 10


learn to set boundaries around your business, clients and family

Feature 11

Access to private breakout room

so you can confidentially and privately share your screen and get personalized help for your clients

Feature 12

Free Financial statement reviews

for every client you have complete with a 15 to 60 minute long video review emailed to you to keep 

Feature 13

Up-To-Date Tax information

that will help you be the best bookkeeper for your clients and completely understand current and changing tax laws no matter what entity your potential client is.

Feature 14

Free Logo Design

to get you up and running with a beautiful logo to place on your website, business cards, social media platforms and much more!

Feature 15

Access to new weekly EFT Calls

designed around helping you overcome any personal and mental barriers so you can live your best life and have the business of your dreams.

Feature 16

Weekly calls on how to set up your bookkeeping business

including how to use canva for marketing templates and how to make edits to your website so you can be empowered to make changes to your website at any given moment and even be able to design websites for potential clients.

Feature 17

Group Orientation calls

so you can meet others as they join the program and grow a business alongside you!

Feature 18

One-on-One personalized Midterm and Graduation Calls

to discuss goals and progress and help you with a personalized plan to help you reach your goals faster!

Feature 19

50% Reimbursement

on your annual subscription for hosting your website the first year.

Feature 20

Full course (10+ hours) of tutorials

on exactly how to review financial statements for all types of clients.

Feature 21

Topic Focused zoom calls

so you can hop on the zoom calls that will be the most beneficial to you saving you tons of time!

Feature 22

“Submit a Question” Feature

for when you can’t make the zoom call. Our mentors will answer your question and send you the exact timestamp so you can zoom right to the answer!

Feature 23

Special Weekly zoom calls

for our UK students

Feature 24

Special bi-weekly zoom calls

for our Canadian students

Feature 25

Weekly recognition

in the Have Your Cake group

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