The Bookkeeper Academy

with Tiffani Higgins

Step-by-Step Guide to launch a side hustle that provides full time pay


...We make it a piece of cake for you to launch, grow and operate your new virtual bookkeeping business so you can work from home AND enjoy time with your kiddos while you can!

Do you want to work 4X LESS?
Do you want to work less so you can spend more time with your kids? But, you can't afford to have a decrease in your monthly income?

We'll show you how to leave that corporate job, receive the same monthly income but work 4X less than you do now.

Do you want to make 4X MORE?
Do you want to make more money? Are you looking to provide more for your family so you can give your kids the life you've always dreamed about?

We'll show you how to replace your 9-5 and continue to increase your revenue so that you are making 4X as much as you are now while working less than 40 hours a week!

what's included?

The stay-at-home bookkeeper academy

Step 1

join our secret community
The Piece of Cake Support Group
As soon as you enroll, you are welcomed into our Piece of Cake Support Group Community! This secret Facebook Group is full of amazing ladies that are working toward the same goals. 

You will forge new, strong friendships with others that will keep you accountable to your goals and dreams. You will learn the quickest and most effective ways to get this business off the ground so you can crush those goals and reach your dreams!

Step 2

Get your business set up for success
How to Set Up Your Bookkeeping Business For Success with Beka
You get FREE access to our course "How To Set Up Your Bookkeeping Business For Success"!

We hold a zoom call every week to guide you through this first phase of preparing for clients. You can complete many of these items within ONE day and be ready to start taking clients within ONE week of joining! 

You will even have a live website that is not only BEAUTIFULLY designed by our team, but it's incredibly functional as well. This website comes with a fully automated back end program that will guide your new clients through the on-boarding step so you look like a Rockstar!

*Our website design is optional but does utilize a program that has a $97 monthly fee

Step 3

Prepare for potential clients
Learn the Basics Mini Course + How to Provide Amazing Service to Clients
You get FREE access to two more courses:

"The Stay-at-Home Bookkeeper Mini Course - Learn the Basics"
"Provide Amazing Service To Your Clients"

These courses will teach you everything you need to know to become a bookkeeping expert and feel comfortable talking to clients. You'll understand what bookkeeping is, how to read and create financial statements and how to use Quickbooks Online effectively and efficiently for multiple businesses. You'll also learn how to talk to potential clients, how to quote, and how to seal the deal so you can GET PAID! An overview of the full process is included here so you know exactly what it's like to work with business owners from month-to-month. 

Estimated time to complete: 8-10 hours
You'll be ready for clients within 1-2 Weeks!

Step 4

finding clients
Marketing & Mindset
Follow along our structured guidance for finding clients in our Marketing and Mindset course.

Learn all the ways you can find clients fast and free! Spending zero dollars on ads or campaigns. 

Learn all my tried and true methods that I used to grow a bookkeeping business making $200,000/year!

Special tips, tricks and challenges are available within our secret community to keep you accountable, motivated and moving forward to your goals!

Step 5

hold our hand for 12 months
Support is available
You have FREE access to 5 WEEKLY zoom calls at various days and times to accommodate all schedules. 

3 Weekly "Office Hour Q&A" Calls with our team to get answers to all your questions around marketing, talking to clients, quoting, and completing the bookkeeping work

1 Weekly "Business Set Up" Call with our team to help with business set up questions including website design and help with making changes to your website as your business evolves

1 Weekly "Mindset" Call with our resident Mom Coach to help with goal setting, balancing work and motherhood and tapping into your inner Queen so you can live your ideal life


You also get to lean on our team by utilizing private 1:1 zoom calls when you land that first client. You can book as many as you like so we can walk you through every step of completing the work so you can see the full process in action, complete your first set of books with speed, efficiency, accuracy...and most importantly...CONFIDENCE!

***New Bonus Feature***
You get to submit a FREE Financial Statement Review Request Form for every client you have so you can be 100% sure you are providing the best service out there! 

Check out the video below to see what students of the Bookkeeper Academy think of this new feature!


Improvements to the program are yours for FREE!
At the Stay-at-Home Bookkeeper Academy, we are always looking for ways to increase the value of our program and help our students reach their goals in record time. 

As we add more coaching, course content, live lessons, and zoom will get access to those items for no charge, so join today before the price goes up!

We have a Library of Resources that houses all prior and new trainings that are fully transcribed and searchable for quick answers anytime!
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