The Bookkeeping Course

with Tiffani Higgins

Thank you for checking out our DIY options for starting, operating and growing a virtual bookkeeping business! Get ready to REVOLUTIONIZE your life and create financial freedom for your family!

While we do recommend that you consider our coaching programs, The Bookkeeper Academy and/or the Elite Mastermind, our DIY courses can be a great start to get acclimated to becoming a 
self-employed bookkeeper. 

DIY Bundled Packages & Special Courses

The Bookkeeping Course

***Most Popular bundle***
Everything you need to know to start, operate, and grow a virtual bookkeeping business
This is our main course that teaches you how to set up your business, learn the basics, and marketing to find clients so you can work less, make more and spend time with your kids as you become a self-employed virtual bookkeeper! 

Courses include: 
How To Set Up Your Bookkeeping Business FOR SUCCESS
The Stay-At-Home Bookkeeper Mini Course (Learn the Basics)
Provide Amazing Service To Your New Client
Marketing and Mindset ~ Let's Grow This Thing!
Payroll Basics for Bookkeepers 

***all of these courses and more are included at no charge in the Bookkeeper Academy

One Program To Rule Them All

diy website design for bookkeepers
includes an automated onboarding program for your new clients
Learn how to design a beautiful and functional website that you can easily and quickly make changes to as your business grows and evolves. Not only do we get amazing compliments on the beautifully designed templates but this website also doubles as an employee for you. The automated onboarding site attached will walk your new clients through a series of videos explaining to them exactly what you need in order to complete their bookkeeping. Makes onboarding new clients a breeze and you look like a million dollar business in the process!

We also have an option to do the heavy lifting for you and will customize the website for you so you can spend your time on marketing instead!
*This program comes with a $97 monthly fee for the software that you'll need to use

**Please Customize My One Program cannot be purchased separately, it must come AFTER you've purchased the One Program To Rule Them All

***Step 1 and 2 are both included AT NO COST in our Bookkeeper Academy.

Quoting Tool

Quote clients with easy and style
Embed this tool on your website or use it internally to help you quote clients quickly
Grab this course to learn how to set up a quoting tool based on our recommended pricing guide for bookkeeping clients. You will also learn how to make adjustments based on your personal preferences and additional services you decide to offer in the future. 

Quoting tool is quick and easy to set up and ready to roll in under 60 minutes!

***included AT NO COST in the Bookkeeper Academy

Library of Resources

knowledge base of information
prior zoom calls, sales training, QBO troubleshooting videos and more
Join the Library of Resources to have access to thousands of answers of bookkeeping help! 

Each and every video is fully transcribed and you can search keywords to find an answer to anything you need ASAP! All trainings and coaching calls are uploaded for repeat viewing. 

Subscribe for a month to check it out

***included for life AT NO COST in the Bookkeeper Academy

All DIY Coursework

Here's a list of all DIY coursework
Grab a course that solves your needs right now
All of our coursework is available for individual purchase here. Many of these courses are bundled above and can be obtained with a smaller investment overall if purchased through a bundle. 

***all coursework is included AT NO COST in the Bookkeeper Academy

All coursework is available for free in our Bookkeeper Academy but we cannot apply purchases made directly on these DIY courses to our Academy at a later date. 

Resources for DIY Students

What happens when you are going through coursework and get a client?

If you're not ready for coaching and support but have a client that needs help, sign up for our partner program and outsource the work to our firm so you can make money while we do all the work for you!

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